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Created 18-Oct-20
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The best street photographs, to me, are those quick moments captured in the frame that almost like sideward glances captured as you hurry through your day, yet which somehow stay in your mind's eye, an insight into some aspect of the world that you almost missed, yet make you pause for a moment, step outside of yourself, and reflect on this big, chaotic world of which we all are part.
GalileoSidewalk Painter, TalinnPolynesian musiciansThree GenerationsCarriage, St. PetersburgBoboli breakBoy with FrogCliff JumperGelato BreakRainy Day in BudapestLa Dolce Vita, BariWaiting for a biteExhaustedStreet Performer, RomeModern CourtesansStreets of BanepaBetween acts